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6 Referral Marketing Tips and Strategies

6 Referral Marketing Tips & Strategies to Grow Your Business

One of the best ways to grow your business and increase revenues is through referrals from your existing customers. Since your customers already know you and trust your brand, they can be the best marketing tool for your business. In order to get this marketing strategy to work for you, it is important that you have a solid campaign. Below are smart and easy to execute strategies for creating a successful referral marketing campaign. Enjoy reading.

Exceed Client’s Expectations

extra mileThis is the one of the simplest ways of getting referrals. You simply need to exceed your customer’s expectations. After that, you can ask for referrals or even get introduced to other people who could benefit from your services or products. Many people are willing to introduce you to others if you ask.

Tip: Go one step further. Write down the names of your trusted customers that already love you or your product. Then send personalized emails to them requesting them to introduce you to other people who may also benefit from your offerings.

Target Influencers

influenceEnsure that you connect with influencers and leaders in your space. These include public figures, journalists, bloggers or sometimes even trendsetting fans. Thanks to social media, people now have a power to express themselves better, faster, and to more people. This has helped YouTube stars and bloggers amass huge followings. By having a list of influencers who appeal to your desired demographic and informing them about your products and services, you can create significant velocity behind your campaign.

Be a Thought Leader

leaderIt is not enough to just target influencers or thought leaders in your space. You need to be an influencer. Identify the qualities that make you as well as you business unique and then share it with people. While you can communicate this on your website, you also need to know the best place that you can reach your target audience. It could be on the social media or even though a blog. Identify the medium that supports your idea in the best way and then come up with a strategy which will grow your presence in your chosen platform.

Be sure to offer multiple places for your followers to connect with you: blog, social media, video, podcast, etc. Studies have shown that there is a physiological trigger that when someone connects with you in at least three places, they feel more connected, like you, and trust you…unleash the power of three.

Honesty is the Best Policy

trustYou need to be honest at all times because word-of-mouth marketing success depends on a customer’s trust of your brand. You will need to earn sufficient merit to be creditable topic of conversation. To do this, you can have an exceptional product or service and even through maintaining integrity on your online platforms (social media, mobile and your website).

Offer Incentives

incentivePeople tend to be motivated by rewards. If you put this in your referral marketing, you will be sure to grow your sales.

You could offer customers a discount if they share their purchase with their friends on Facebook. Groupon did this well by offering attractive discounts for every referral a person made through social media or email. Users will have extra sense of urgency if given financial incentives and the method can work wonders if properly implemented.

Tip: Determine what your customer wants. Is it a discount on their existing order or discount off their next one? Do they want cash back? Test different incentive plans and then measure results. Automate the process. Find a viral referral marketing platform that can track referrals and deliver rewards when earned so you can focus on growing your business.

Forget Hard Selling

help you succeedSometimes, it is better not to sell to people. You need to show people that you want to help them. This makes customers feel safer referring people to you. When you do get a referral do not go into full sales mode the moment you get their contact information. The goal is to add value to your referrals so you get more and more.

There is no denying the power of referral marketing to boost sales. Provide incredible customer service and offer quality incentives and people will share your product or service over and over again.

To Your Success,

Devin Dorosh

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