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The Evil Traffic Magician Review and Bonus | Devin Dorosh

The Evil Traffic Magician Review and Bonus

Product: The Evil Traffic Magician Review and Bonus
Creator: Dr. Ben Adkins
Launch Date: 10-27-2015
Price: $99.95
Recommendation: I have yet to see a product by Dr. Ben that is not worth purchasing. But DAMN…this is good!
Website: Evil Traffic Magician

What is The Evil Traffic Magician?

The Evil Traffic Magician is Dr. Ben Adkins private collection of unorthodox traffic sucking techniques designed to help you sell more of your products and services. It covers the foundations of an online business, defining your audience, sales copy, free traffic, paid traffic, and a handful of closely guarded traffic secrets from many of the top marketers on the internet.

What’s Inside the Course

The course contains six sections:

Section 1 – How to build an Empire

This section walks through the “4 Magic Pillars of an Online Business” – The Product, The Sales Copy, The Traffic, and Scaling Methods. This first section truly sets the foundation for the rest of the Evil Traffic Magician to build on.

Section 2 – Evil Audience Research

This section includes Dr. Ben’s Core Creation Formula for outlining your target audience. It also includes 3 other lessons that will teach you how find your audience, and where to attract and mesmerize that audience.

Section 3 – The Evil Copy Magician

This section includes 10 incredible lessons that will teach you how to develop copy to appeal to your target audience and hypnotize them to buy from YOU!

Section 4 – Evil Free Traffic Tricks

Let’s be honest, the “Best” traffic is “FREE” traffic. Obviously, nothing is ever FREE and paid traffic has its merits…but I love long-term traffic that I don’t have to spend money on. The 8 lessons in this section will take you behind the curtain to see these easy to implement FREE traffic techniques.

Section 5 – Evil Paid Traffic Tricks

In this section there are 7 killer PAID traffic lessons that will teach you the secrets to getting more sales from your paid advertising. While we already talked about how much we love free traffic, the beauty of PAID traffic is that once you figure out what works, you can SCALE it! With these tricks, you will become the PUPPET MASTER!

Bonus Section – Celebrity Magician Tricks

This section is packed with 15 different lessons that will give you the best kept secrets in the industry. Dr. Ben has used his connections within the internet marketing industry to get all of the top marketers most closely guarded secrets. They have recorded their TOP SECRET tricks on video to share with you.

Are There Any Upsells/Downsells?

Would a product launch be complete without an upsell or two? I like to think of them as upgrades…they make any product you buy just a little sexier.

Upsell 1: Birdsong Software ($199.95)

Okay. I’m going to be completely honest with you…

A lot of product creators add an upsell to get more money out of their customers. Sure, the upsell adds value…if it didn’t, customers wouldn’t purchase again. However, often times the sales copy tries to sell you on how you NEED the upsell and how it can make your something in your business EASIER.

In this case, as amazing as the Evil Traffic Magician is, Birdsong blows it away. Now the information included in Evil Traffic Magician is priceless and Birdsong is a tool, not more training. But it is absolutely going to change the game on getting traffic and new leads for your list.

How many times have seen a viral article on Facebook or Twitter getting hundreds or thousands of shares? Have you ever thought to your self…”I wish I could put an opt-in on that article to build my list. I could get a ridiculous amount of traffic and leads if I could do that.”

With Birdsong…now you can. On top of that, the Birdsong software has a profile feature that allows you to add links to those articles to your profile helping to brand you as an expert in that market.

When I saw the special Beta launch for this software, I got so excited I had to purchase a copy for myself. I paid $399.95 for LIFETIME access to this software. You get a chance to grab it for $199.95. I don’t know if the LIFETIME option will still be available, but even if it isn’t this software is insanely powerful and a steal at $199.95.

Here is Dr. Ben’s Birdsong profile page. You can also see one of the beautiful opt-in pop ups by checking out this article.

Upsell 2: FollowUp Master Plan ($47)

Like I mentioned before, Dr. Ben does not release products that are not awesome. However, if you’re tight on Cash $ and in the early stages of building your list, this might be the one to pass on.

The Followup Master Plan is a series of templates (and video training) that will be your go-to resource for turning a list of luke-warm prospects into a list of customers with just a few emails.

Here’s Who Will Benefit Most From This.

  • Solo Ad Buyers Who Want to Make More Sales
  • FB Page Owners Who Are Building A List With Their Pages
  • People With Stale Lists That They Want To Reactivate Their List
  • Marketers Building A List With Free Giveaways That Want To Turn These Prospects Into Buyers
  • Product Owners With a List of Customers Who Want To Sell Them Even More Products

This product is normally $197, so $47 is a steal. As one of Ben’s VIP customers, I got the chance to purchase this course for $99 as a special promotion. The fact that you get a chance to grab it for $47 honestly makes me jealous.

Downsell 1: Evil Traffic Magician Extended ($47)

If you’re looking for even more traffic secrets, this might be for you. You will only see this offer if you pass on your opportunity to grab Birdsong. Like I mentioned before, that would be a mistake. You’re going to get Birdsong eventually…that’s how revolutionary it is. Might as well grab a copy before the price goes up!

Recommendation Based on The Evil Traffic Magician Review

After checking out the Evil Traffic Magician, I’ve got to say that Ben has really outdone himself again.  I’m starting to implement these tricks in my business.  Obviously I got my copy of Birdsong and hope to have my profile live in the next couple of days. Thanks for reading my Evil Traffic Magician review.  I’ve put together an exclusive bonus package for purchasing Evil Traffic Magician through my affiliate link.  To get more details about my bonuses and purchase Evil Traffic Magician, click here: Evil Traffic Magician.

Insane Exclusive Evil Traffic Magician Bonuses

Fast Action Bonus: Lifetime Access to Secret Republic Mastermind (available to the first 50 buyers)
Bonus #1: The Social Email Blueprint
Bonus #2: The 100K Funnel Map
Bonus #3: Viral Facebook Ads
Bonus #4: eComfinity

See all the details about each bonus here: Evil Traffic Magician Bonus Package

To Your Success,

Devin Dorosh


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