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Devin Dorosh, Internet Entrepreneur
"I'm super stoked for the launch of UpViral!  I'm definitely implementing it into all of my squeeze pages.  If you're on the fence about getting UpViral, you won't be after you check out the bonus package I put together for you..."
INSANE UpViral Bonus Package...Over $3000 in Additional Value
**Fast Action Bonus** ($997 Value)
Available to the First 50 Buyers ONLY
UpViral Campaign Review
  • I will personally review your UpViral Campaign set-up
  • Make recommendations on ways to enhance or improve your campaign 
  • And answer any questions you might have about the strategy of your campaign
Bonus #1 - ($497 Value)
Lifetime Access to My "Secret Republic" Mastermind FB Group
  • Mastermind group for internet entrepreneurs
  • E-commerce, Internet marketing, Affiliate marketing, SEO...whatever your poison, this mastermind group is a resource to help take your business to the NEXT LEVEL!
  • And So Much More...
Bonus #2 - ($195 Value)
Done-for-You Email Opt-in Templates and Tripwire Offers
  • 1000 Subscribers in 30 Days, 10 Days to Membership Profits
  • Two included giveaway products to incorporate into your UpViral Giveaway campaigns
  • I will share these templates through ClickFunnels...I've gotten you a 2-week free trial!  If you'd prefer to just host your pages in UpViral, I will provide you with the swipe files to do that.
Bonus #3 - ($19.95 Value)
51 Attention Grabbing Headlines
  • 51 High Converting Headlines
  • The Perfect Companion to Your Email Marketing or UpViral Promotion Campaign
Bonus #4 - ($9.95 Value)
UpViral Quick-Start Guide
  • KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
  • Getting a new piece of software can be overwhelming...start here to simplify the process.
  • This is a great resource for someone that doesn't have a product or is new to the internet marketing game.
Bonus #5 - ($29.97 Value)
eBook Library
  • The Viral Marketing Effect - Viral marketing is what makes UpViral so Powerful!  Learn the secrets to creating the buzz necessary to make a message go viral.  This book highlights the process of using social media, forums, and email to take your message viral.  This eBook is the perfect primer to getting the most out of your UpViral software.
  • Email Nuts & Bolts - Email marketing is essential to long-term success as an internet entrepreneur.  Learn the basics of email marketing and list building.  In this eBook, you will also learn the secrets to writing compelling email headlines and basic copywriting essentials.  Finally, the eBook highlights advanced email marketing techniques and email marketing mistakes to avoid.
  • Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets - It's safe to say that good copywriting is the lifeblood of any marketing campaign.  Simply put...without good copywriting your reader will lose interest in your message!  This eBook covers writing effective headlines and copy, psychological techniques to draw your reader in and entertain them, the basics of good writing, how to make your copywriting more efficient, and how to outsource parts of your copywriting so you can focus on growing your business.  This is crucial as you scale and expand your online business!
Bonus #6 - ($297 Value)
Website Traffic 101 (Video Series)
  • 10 Video Course that will teach you SEO, Article Marketing, Press Release Marketing, Wordpress SEO, Social Bookmarking and Web 2.0 Properties, Video Marketing, Online Software Marketing, Picture Marketing, and Link Building
  • 24 Hour Traffic Plan - Learn How to Drive Traffic to Your Website within 24 Hours
  • As a Special Bonus Video: Learn How to Launch Your Own Internet Consulting Business
Bonus #7 - ($397 Value)
Affiliate Authority Training Course (eBook and Video Series)
  • If you've been thinking about getting started in affiliate marketing, this course is for you.  Master the art of being a successful affiliate marketer.  The easy to follow Affiliate Marketing Checklist will keep you on track along the way.  This course includes an affiliate marketing eBook, resource cheat sheet, and affiliate marketing mind map.
  • You also get a 10 Part Video Series teaching you how to get started with Clickbank and find the best products to promote, how to become a successful Amazon associate, how to get started with JVZoo and how to find proven hot-selling products to promote, how to add affiliate links and banners to your Wordpress blog, how to cloak your affiliate links, how to profit from top-tier physical products, and how to find out about upcoming product launches.
Bonus #8 - ($397 Value)
Launch a Digital Products Business (eBook and Video Series)
  • Comprehensive course that will teach you how to launch your own digital products business.  The step-by-step checklist walks you through the types of products you can create, creating vs. outsourcing content, and creating your offer and launching it.  This course includes a How to Launch a Digital Products Business eBook, a resources cheat sheet, digital products mind map, and top forums and blogs guide.
  • You also get a 10 Part Video Series teaching you the 5 benefits of selling digital products, 5 types of information products you can create, common characteristics of top selling digital products, how to add a product to JVZoo, how to get your eBook outsourced, creating a Wordpress site, how to research topics for your digital products business, how to write sales letters, and the top 3 tools for creating eBooks.
Bonus #9 - ($397 Value)
Lead Generation Mastery (eBook and Video Series)
  • This one is one of my favorite bonuses because it is absolutely packed full of incredible information to grow your business.
  • Step-by-step checklist walks you through the simple steps of building your online business empire.  Combine that with the fool proof mindmap and you've got a process road map to take you from where you are now to the NEXT LEVEL.
  • 12 Part Video Series that will teach you how to create a landing page and your irresistible opt-in page bribe, how to create a highly responsive autoresponder series for your next promotion, mastering leads from solo ads, ad swaps, Google Ad Words, and Facebook, getting an army of affiliates to promote your product, and search engine optimization techniques.
  • You also get 3 additional bonus videos about lead generation and email marketing!
Bonus #10 - ($99 Value)
The Bonuses the Other Guys are Bringing...We've got them too.
UberOptin and OptinPop! Wordpress Plugins
  • Add high converting opt-ins and exit pops to your Wordpress site
  • Fully integrates with UpViral to help you generate even more leads!
Videos Explaining UberOptin and OptinPop!
Bonus #11 - (Added Sunday August 9th)
Live UpViral Masterclass
  • Live Webinar to walk you through setting up your campaign in UpViral and give you the missing pieces to a successful UpViral campaign (Replay will be provided for the people that can't attend the call).
  • This will be LIVE and set-up for you to ask any questions about UpViral that you want to get you set-up to take it to the HOUSE! This call will ensure that you get the most value out of UpViral and the Hot Zone Survival Kit Bonus Package.
  • This webinar will be hosted on Monday August 17.
Bonus #12 - (Added Tuesday August 11th)
DONE-FOR-YOU UpViral Funnel
  • I'll set-up the campaign in UpViral for you! You provide me your log-in details, I'll create the opt-in page and thank you page in UpViral (with giveaways) and give you email swipes to add to you email autoresponder. All you have to do is integrate your email provider and send some traffic to your opt-in page.
  • It doesn't get any easier!
  (Bonuses are delivered through DealGuardian after purchase)
What is UpViral?
If you some how made it here and are wondering..."What is UpViral?"

UpViral is the ultimate viral referral marketing platform, created by Developer Wilco de Kreij, that allows you to add a viral referral program to your website and create an ARMY of people DESPARATE to promote YOUR business all over the world!

Here's a quick video overview:
Pick up your copy of UpViral NOW and claim the awesome Hot Zone Survival Kit Bonus Package above!
  (Bonuses are delivered through DealGuardian after purchase)
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